Learning Through Legacy: 3-5

Complete Guide


Chapter 1: Ecology

In The Know
No Salt, Please
Habits Of Habitats
A Spider Sat Down Beside Her
Boning Up On Biomes
Worming Out Of It
The Chain Gang
The Web Of Life
An Ant Can
Adaptations Help Stop Limitations
Necessary Changes
To Transpire Or Perspire…That Is The Question
Over and Over Again
Backyard Composting

Chapter 2: Pollution Prevention

A Legacy
The Dirty Half Dozen
It’s All In The Air
Sky Blue, Sunset Red
Smoke Gets In More Than Your Eyes
Let’s Sock Car Exhaust
Don’t Take A “Lichen” To Pollution
The Great Garbage Caper
All Tied Up
To Fertilize Or Not To Fertilize: That Is The Question
Clean Up Your Act
You Dirty Bird
Swim Suitable
Down It Goes – Where It Stops, Nobody Knows
Do you Get My Point? Point and Nonpoint Source Pollution

Chapter 3: Waste Management

What A Waste
Trash Flash Through Time
Trash Patrol
We’re Down In The Dumps
Dump It
It’s A Gas
What Goes Around Comes Around
A City “Can”
Heavy Metal
Seeing Is Believing
Roll Out The Barrels
Fetch A Pail Of Water
Filtration Sensation
Crystallizing The Problem
Playing With Rubbish

Chapter 4: Natural Resources

Salty Mapping
What’s the Point?
Down Home Dinosaurs
The Value Of Water
Gardening With Natives For Natives
How Strong Are Your “Mussels”?
The Development Of Sunshine City: Simulation Activity
Start Shredding The News
Color My World Natural
Home Sweet Home
Energy From Water – Free For The Taking
Some Like It Hot
How Are You Gonna Keep It Down On The Farm?