Learning Through Legacy: Grades 9-12

Complete Guide


Chapter 1: Ecology

Deer Populations and Carrying Capacity
Over Hill, Over Dale, Over Plants, Over Animals
Life Cycle Assessment
Cooler By Design
Growing Globally
A Mock Council
Extension Activity: Are You Willing To Trade (Off)?
A Futurist Writer’s View on the Environment
Don’t Flush It Away
In Hot Water
The “Oh No Ozone”
Population Dynamics of the Zebra Mussel: A Case Study
Classification of the Marine Environment
Using Duckweed to Examine Population Dynamics
Wetlands – A Bad Rap
Wonderful Wetlands And Watersheds

Chapter 2: Pollution Prevention

Bacterial Growth From Three Common Pollutants
Don’t Sag Behind
The Effects of Pollutants on Algae Productivity
Mutant Colonies
To Clean Or To Glean
Plants and Sulfur Dioxide Air Pollution
Manure Nuisance
The Routes of Radon
Enlightened And Reformed – Hazardous Substances
Are Those Fish Safe To Eat?
Cleaning Up
Eutrophication: Nutrients and Algal Growth
Modeling Groundwater Pollution
Particulate Pollution and Emissions Testing
Particulate Producers
Particulate Survey
Pollution And Osmosis
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Stream?

Chapter 3: Waste Management

Classroom Compost
Closing The Waste Loop
Deciding What To Do
Generating Methane From Waste
Making Landfill Models
Myths of Solid Waste Crisis – Facts Or Opinions
Nuclear Energy
Oil Spills
Packaging Alternatives (Waste Reduction)
Rural Water
Spill It – NOT!
Are You Down In The Dumps?
Plastic Numbers
Sewage Treatment Plant Model

Chapter 4: Natural Resources

The Water Facts Of The Matter
Alabama’s Public Lands
Chain Gang
Check It Out
Designer Streams
Journey To The Center Of A Tree
Lakes And Dams of Alabama
Name That Mineral
Threatened And Endangered Species of Alabama
Treeless City
Develop A Stream Of Consciousness
Water Woebegone
What A Watershed