Learning Through Legacy: Grades K-2

Complete Guide


Chapter 1: Ecology

Who Needs A Tree?
We Can All Help
Who’s Hiding Here?
A Plant’s Friend
Spring Surprise
Nest Sweet Nest
Going, Going, Gone
Life Under A Log
Life Near A Pond
Wiggling Willie
Bats, Bats, Bat
Exploring The Gulf
Life In The Gulf
Fabulous Fish

Chapter 2: Pollution Prevention

The Whump World
Critter Litterbugs
Life In A Fishbowl
Captain Bob And His Friends
Mini-Water Treatment Plant
Up In The Air
Mr. Garbagio
Noise In Your Neighborhood
Speakers For The Earth

Chapter 3: Waste Management

What Is Trash?
Garbage Pizza
Junk Mail
Plenty Of Packaging
Garbage Breakdown
Nature Recycles
Paper From Paper
Six-Pack Math
Trash Tunes
Mission Recycle
Garbage Gardens

Chapter 4: Natural Resources

Johnny Appleseed: Friend Of Trees
Many Kinds Of Soil In Alabama
Surface Erosion: A Grass Roots Solution
The Gift Of The Tree
What Is A Beach?
When I Was Young In The Mountains
Fake A Fossil
The Water Cycle
Our Blue Planet
Air, Air Everywhere
How We Use The Land For Fun And Profit
Using Our Natural Resources For Agricultural Production
Old King Cotton
Alabama Peanut Party