Legacy’s “Protect our Environment” Car Tag

By purchasing the “Protect Our Environment” car tag you can help Legacy continue this worthwhile mission. For only $50 you can get a beautiful car tag that shows your commitment to Alabama’s environment and you can personalize it for FREE.

Best of all, since Legacy is a non-profit organization, your $50 contribution is tax deductible.  Since 1992, Legacy has funded more than $3 million in grants, scholarships, and sponsorships as a result of tag related donations.

Let us Remind You

Not time for you to renew your tag?  Sign up today for free and we’ll remind you when it’s your renewal month.  We’ll also enter you into our monthly $50 Amazon gift card giveaway!

How do I get an environmental tag?

Just visit your local probate judge or license commissioner’s office and tell them you’d like the environmental license plate. Click here to find your local tag office.

You can get a standard environmental plate or personalize one with your own message for free. Before you head to the tag office, you can also check to see if your personalized message is available. The tag is an additional $50, but hang on to that tag receipt because when income tax time comes around, you can deduct the $50 as a charitable contribution.

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