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Legacy is an organization that IS making a difference in Alabama’s environment. This is evidenced by the more than $3.5 million in grants and scholarships Legacy has offered Alabamians for environmentally related projects and education. Legacy has trained more than 3,000 of Alabama’s teachers about our environment in a fun and exciting way. In turn, those teachers pass the knowledge along to their students. We are educating Alabama’s future generations about the importance of protecting our environment for future generations. Won’t you help us ensure your children and grandchildren will continue to live in one of the most ecologically diverse and stunningly beautiful environments?

Your contribution at any level will allow us to continue this worthwhile mission.

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Did you know:
• Alabama ranks first in the eastern U.S. and fourth in the nation in species diversity.
• Alabama ranks first in the nation in the number of freshwater crayfish, fish, snail, turtle, and mussel species.
• Alabama is third only to Hawaii and California in the number of extinct species.
• Alabama ranks ninth in the nation in overall plant diversity.


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