Crane Trunk

The Whooping Crane Trunk offers a variety of activities and information for the classroom to help students understand the historical and current efforts to save a species on the brink of extinction.

Using a Whooping Crane Trunk in the classroom means that you and your students will have access to a wide variety of interactive learning tools. Learning occurs not only with the mind, but also with the eyes, the hands – the whole child (or adult!). Items contained in the trunk are meant to be examined, handled, and shared with your students.

The trunk is designed to empower educators to share with their students the concepts of crane biology, ecology, conservation, captive breeding and reintroduction. The curriculum consists of a series of activities that are thoughtfully paired with hands-on learning tools, including a crane skull, bird flight diverters, and a captive-rearing crane costume.

The Crane Trunk is supplied with the following educational materials:

  • 1 hand lens
  • 1 Sandhill Crane skull (replica)
  • 1 Wattled Crane leg (replica)
  • 1 Whooping Crane egg (replica)
  • 1 radio transmitter
  • 2 leg bands
  • 1 Whooping Crane puppet head and costume
  • 1 crane chick plushie
  • 1 flight diverter
  • Crane Photo Collection
  • Whooping Crane Flyways map
  • “All of the Whooping Cranes in the World” sign
  • Cranes of the World Poster

The Crane Trunk is supplied with the following activities:

  • The Quality of Cranes: A Little Book of Crane Lore
  • Crane Song DVD
  • K-12 educational activities – on jump drive
  • Crane Trunk Training Guide – on jump drive

Trunks can be checked out from the Legacy office. Contact Penny Ragland at