TEEN Science Cafe

Legacy is accepting applications for our next TEEN Science Cafes! Seven lucky schools will be chosen to join our Flagship Five! Get your application in today.

Legacy, Partners in Environmental Education awards TEEN Science Café Programs grant money in the form of $1000 per semester for the first year, $500 per semester for the second year, and $250 per semester for the third year as long as all contract responsibilities are fulfilled. These include; Using both TEEN Science Café and Legacy logos on all paperwork; Conducting at least 3 TEEN Science Cafés per semester; Submitting a report for each TEEN Science Café meeting; Submitting all receipts for money spent; and either Spending all of the money before the end of the semester or Returning the unused portion of money to Legacy.

If you are interested in starting a TEEN Science Café at your School, you can find the application below as well as a PDF with more information.

The deadline to apply is May 31, 2024. The staff at Legacy Partners in Environmental Education will review your membership application. We will contact you to set up a short phone or video chat before approving your application. If your application is approved, a Contract will be sent for completion before grant money is distributed.

School Address(Required)

Organization of Your Teen Science Café

Please share your plans for developing a Teen Science Café. We don’t expect everyone to have all the skills and knowledge to start a Teen Café at the start, so please indicate any areas that you are less sure of how to proceed. Your responses will help us know how we might immediately help you with existing resources or connect you to another Network member who might be a valuable source of guidance. Note that the questions in this section are largely geared to the six Core Design Principles essential to a successful Teen Café; it will be helpful for you to review these design principles before answering the questions below. This information will NOT be made publicly available.