Board Member

Shirley Farrell

Troy University - Montgomery

Shirley Farrell has been teaching environmental education all of her life. As a gifted specialist, she was able to include environmental education into her classes and facilitated school gardens and outdoor classrooms, bird festivals, water festivals, and backpack teaching kits focused on different topics for teachers to use outdoors. She earned her BS in Horticulture, MS in Elementary Education with Gifted Certification at the master’s level and her PhD is in Instructional Technology/Instructional Leadership. She has been in gifted education for over 30 years as a gifted specialist, coordinator, state department specialist, and now a university professor. She is the program coordinator for gifted education at Troy University. She utilizes various technology tools to use with her students and spends way too much time on the computer checking out various technologies, web sites, and apps for teachers to integrate into their classrooms and for use with environmental education. Shirley serves as the Education Committee Chair and has served as vice-president of Legacy.  Shirley also serves on the NAGC Convention Committee and Program Chair for the Computers and Technology Network. She is the immediate Past President of the Alabama Association for Gifted Children.
Shirley Farrell is an avid birdwatcher and loves to garden and hike.