Legacy Grants

2023 Grant Application

Grant Program Overview:

Legacy funds environmental education grants annually through the Environmental Education Grant Program. Funds for this program are allocated specifically to assist with helping to create environmentally responsible citizens through education. Both public and private non-profit organizations in Alabama may apply. All applying organizations need proof of tax-exempt status showing specific Internal Revenue Service qualification.

Grant Funding: Environmental Education grants are available in amounts up to $2,500.  Grant proposals requesting more than $2,500 will not be considered.

Proposal Guidelines:

Type all information on the grant application form or retype the form on the computer using the same spacing, with 12 point or larger type. Forms may be downloaded from our Web site at www.legacyenved.org.  It is imperative that you follow the correct format. Failure to do so will result in the grant being disqualified. Complete all sections and be sure to include all pertinent information.  Review the evaluation criteria to ensure that your project meets specifications.  Submit only the completed form for reviewDo not include attachments (other than the IRS letter). Review the checklist to be sure all information has been included in your package, and that you have followed the correct format and spacing allocations as they appear on the original document.

Proposals will generally not be considered if they request funding for general operating expenses or building campaigns, student tuition, travel, or funding for personnel (salaries/stipends).

Submission Deadlines:



Grant Timeline:

All grant contracts will begin April 18, 2023, and end Dec 31, 2023.

Award Announcements:

Award notifications will be sent by mail to Project Directors in April 1, 2023.

Distribution of Funds:

Funds will be distributed upon completion of the grant project, and after ALL invoices are received by Legacy. It is mandatory that all organizations applying for the grant funds prove their tax-exempt status. A copy of the determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service, showing specific IRS qualification and identification number, must be attached. EXCEPTION: Public schools have this status through their system and do not need the qualification letter. Groups without the status must choose a non-profit organization through which funds may be disbursed. This affiliating non-profit organization must then be willing to assume expenditure responsibility for the group without the IRS qualification.

Project Director:

Proposals must include a Project Director to implement and guide the project. The Director becomes the fiscal agent for the proposal and is responsible for the expenditure of any funds awarded. The Project Director may be asked to present the grant project at Legacy workshops.

Reporting Announcements:

Grant recipients will be required to complete a Final Report, which will be due by February 27, 2024. This report will serve as an evaluation mechanism for the project.  Failure to comply with reporting requirements will result in termination of the grant and disqualification from future grants.

Criteria for Evaluation:

(If this application format is not adhered to, the grant will not be considered.)

Grants will be evaluated based on the following criteria

  1. Feasibility & Sustainability – the fulfillment of an environmental education need, how the need will be addressed, and qualifications and experience of personnel; and how the project will be sustained in the future.
  2. Audience – size and diversity, reach under-served population, partnerships developed, and possibility of replication, if the program is not statewide;
  3. Scope of Work – goals clearly stated, description of work plan, use of existing materials and information, and consistency with Legacy’s mission;
  4. Schedule of Project – delineate tasks and timelines;
  5. Budget – cost-effectiveness, detailed and itemized, and match to include in-kind support;
  6. Measurement &Evaluation – how effectiveness of the project will be measured;
  7. Legacy Recognition – the degree of public recognition for Legacy’s granting of funds for the project. 
  8. Proposals will generally not be considered if they request funding for general operating expenses or building campaigns,  tuition, funding personnel (i.e.salaries/stipends/honoraria), or cash prizes.
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