Learning Through Legacy: 6-8

Complete Guide


Chapter 1: Ecology

Recreational Fishing On An Artificial Reef
Marvelous Manatee
Adaptations: Toothpicks In Hiding
Biome Bingo
Can You Dig Wetland Soil?
Catchy Crustaceans!
Ecosystem Vocabulary Zipper Game
Encapsulated Ecosystems
Environmental Stewardship: Salt Marshes
Environmental News Coverage
Gotta Have Energy
Hide And Seek
Mode Of Marine Life Mobile
Succession In A Clearcut Area
Wasted Wetlands

Chapter 2: Pollution Prevention

Pumping Out Alabama
Posters And People
Aquatic Litter Puzzles
Fun Lovers, Enviro-Lovers – What’s The Connection?
Effects Of Holding Tank Discharges
Biodegradable Substances
Breathing Air Pollution
Who’s Dumping Chemicals On My Catfish?
Cleaner Clothes – Cleaner Environment?
Cleaning An Oil Spill
Decomposers/Water Pollution
Dilution To The Solution Of Pollution?
Dry Land/Hot Land
How Small Is Small?
Rivers Of Life…Or Death
Street Runoff
Thermal Pollution And Aquatic Ecosystems
Vegetation Survey

Chapter 3: Waste Management

Effects Of Biodegradable Waste On Dissolved Oxygen
Glass Making (Recycling)
Hide & Seek: Hazardous Waste On The Move
Ins and Outs Of A Worm’s Life
Is It A Waste? What’s The Appeal?
Life Cycle Of A Taco
Paper Recycling And By-Products
Plastics, Everywhere
Talking Trash: Biodegradable Landfills?
Tin Can Incinerator
Demonstrating Hazardous Waste

Chapter 4: Natural Resources

Wonder Water Jeopardy
Alabama’s Water Environment
Endangered Animals Newspaper
Insulating Your Home
Native Or Exotic?
Nurture A Habitat
Of Words And Woodpeckers
Savings Sleuth
Settling Down To Clean Drinking Water
Tour The Trees
What’s Growing Under My Feet?
What’s A Tree Worth?
Why Do We Need Petroleum?